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Enterogermina 6 Billion


6 Billion 


Enterogermina 6 Billion

Enterogermina 6 Billion is a medicine that relieves diarrhea caused by the imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut and the effects of antibiotics use. Enterogermina 6 Billion anti diarrhea medicine for adults contains Bacillus clausii, the friendly bacteria normally present in your intestine, and is known to be effective in enhancing digestive health¹   

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Enterogermina 6 Billion with Bacillus clausii, for healthy gut.

When you gut health is compromised by intestinal infections, poisoning, food disorders and use of antibiotics, Enterogermina 6Billion probiotics for women and men helps bring back the health of your gut¹.



Effectively relieves
the symptoms
and reduces the



Restores the
balance of
gut flora¹



Reduces the
side effects of

Enterogermina 6 Billion is a convenient diarrhea relief for people on the go like you.

With a busy day, you dont have time to worry about diarrhea, most especially about your medication. Enterogermina 6 Billion offers once a day, convenient relief in a sachet format¹.



Enterogermina 6 Billion


Convenient sachet                Citrus flavor





1 sachet per day

*Clostridium difficile, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecium, Rotavirus, Adenovirus⁵⁶,⁵⁷