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Certain types of diarrhea, such as those caused by infections, traveler’s diarrhea and foodborne illnesses can be prevented²⁹.

How can I prevent diarrhea?

Practice proper hygiene

Reduce your chances of getting or spreading infections that can cause diarrhea by washing your hands²⁹ thoroughly after using the bathroom, changing baby diapers, and before and after handling food²⁹.

Stay away from contaminated food and water

Avoid eating high risk foods such as raw fish and shellfish, and eating from street vendors whenever traveling. As much as possible, avoid drinking tap water²⁹. Travelers who may need to disinfect their drinking water can do so by boiling, filtering and using chemical disinfectants³⁰.
Prevent foodborne illnesses by properly storing, cooking, cleaning and handling food²⁹.

How do probiotics work to prevent diarrhea?

Probiotics compete for space and for food with potentially harmful bacteria, evicting them from your gut. Probiotics also stimulate your own immune system to help it to fight infections better³¹ and restore the body’s normal balance of good and bad bacteria⁸.

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