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Stress can affect your digestion and cause diarrhea.


Can stress affect my digestion?

Our body is home to trillions  of microorganisms²⁰. In fact, more than 95% of them are located in the large intestine. These microorganisms produce chemicals that control our moods, as well as stimulate the nerves in the stomach and intestine that send signals to the brain²¹. For this reason,  the digestive tract or the gut is called the “ second brain”²² because of how it can affect your mood and mental state²¹.
With this gut-brain connection, people with gastrointestinal  (GI) problems often experience anxiety and stress brought by the condition. On the other hand,  anxiety and stress can make GI problems worse²².


How does stress cause diarrhea?

Whenever you feel danger, or threat like stress,  the “fight or flight” response of your brain is triggered. This response causes the gut to slow down or stop digestion²². 
In fact, stress disturbs the balance of microbes in the gut²³.

Get stress-free to be diarrhea-free

In these circumstances, managing stress and using probiotics can help restore normal bowel function²³.

managing stress using probiotics

Stress cause Diarrhea and Treatment



restore normal bowel function


Maintain the normal functioning of your gut with Enterogermina


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