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Diarrhea can ruin anyone’s day, most especially yours and your child’s. Good bacteria or probiotics can help ease the problem on days like these, but which probiotics is right for your child? 
Safety is one major concern when it comes to choosing product for children. Experts in the field of digestive health and child nutrition recommend the following criteria in choosing the right probiotics that are also gentle to your child’s body:

1. Not all types of probiotic strains can prevent or treat diarrhea. Choose the right type or strain of probiotics that has been proven to work against diarrhea³⁸.
2.Ask your doctor to recommend a good medical probiotic. Your doctor can help you find the probiotics that are clinically tested for effectiveness and safety³⁸.
3. Consider probiotics that can withstand conditions such as heat, stomach and intestinal acids, and effects of antibiotics, to deliver maximum benefits³⁹.


With so many probiotics, which one is right for my child?

Bacillus clausii is a probiotic that has been widely used for children’s diarrhea over the last five decades. It belongs to a family of bacteria, the Bacillus species , which can survive harsh conditions such as heat, acids and and is resistant to commonly used antibiotics¹³,⁴⁰.

choosing the right probiotics for you

choosing the right probiotic


Help resume normal daily
activity—for you and your
child with Enterogermina

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