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Tackling diarrhea can be a constant battle that you and your child will have to face. That is why it is important to know how to prevent diarrhea before it happens

Can I prevent diarrhea?

You can help lower the chances of your child getting diarrhea³³
- Avoid germs. Try to keep your child away from children who may have diarrhea or are vomiting
- Do not give your child raw (unpasteurized) milk or foods that may be contaminated
- Avoid medicines, especially antibiotics when not needed
- Stop the spread of germs
- Limit the amount of juice and sweetened drinks
- Make sure your child has received the rotavirus vaccine

How to Prevent Diarrhea in infants


How should I care for my child? 

The goal of treatment is to prevent dehydration by giving liquids to replace fluids that are lost in diarrhea³⁵. 
- Encourage plenty of liquids. Avoid fruit juice and sugary drinks which increase diarrhea.
- Continue a regular diet, but avoid fatty foods. Some children do better eating foods such as starchy foods (cereal, pasta, potatoes, rice, toast, applesauce, bananas, cooked carrots, gelatin and yogurt).

Aside from keeping your child hydrated,  it is also important to help his body restore the normal balance of bacteria in the gut. Giving your child probiotics, also called “the good or friendly” bacteria, can help maintain the gut healthy⁸,³³.

Gut Health

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