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To ease your mind, let us confirm one thing: yes, there are bacteria living in your digestive system — but as long as the good ones prevail…you don’t have to worry. 

healthy gut flora

Why is the gut flora important?

The gut flora has many important roles aside from digestion. It serves a line of defense against harmful bacteria, helps the immune system to fight off diseases, and  synthesize vitamins and other substances that the body needs²⁰. 

How do bad bacteria enter the body?

The main entrance to the body of an intestinal infection is the mouth. There may be food products or beverages that contain harmful microorganisms that cause intestinal infections. You can also catch harmful germs when you touch contaminated objects or surfaces and then you touch your face (mouth, eyes, and nose)⁴⁶.


Why is it important to protect the balance of gut flora?

The gut flora is home to many kinds of microorgaunsms-both the good and the bad kinds. it is crucial to maintain the balance of these bacteria in the gut for your health and wellbening. When bad bacteria outnumber the good bacteria,this can lead to different ailments including intestinal infections47.

How can you keep the  gut flora healthy and balanced?

Anything that feed the good bacteria and keep them plentiful is good for your health. Here are some suggestions on how to do that⁴⁸:

 Do not overuse antibiotics. These medication can kill the good gut bacteria⁴⁸.

 Eat more fermented foods such as yogurt, pickles, and miso that contain probiotics, the live microorganisms help replace the body’s good bacteria⁴⁸.

 Use probiotic supplements⁴⁸.

Remember when the gut is happy, you are happy. Restore the balance in your gut flora with Enterogermina.