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Not all probiotics are the same and with so many choices, finding the right probiotic can be a challange.
To help you out, look out for the following characteristics.

choosing the right probiotic

choosing probiotics1. It works against diarrhea

Probiotics such as Bacillus clausii are some bacteria types that help enhance digestive health and relieve diarrhea symptoms³⁸,³⁹.

choosing probiotics against diarrheaIt is doctor -recommended

Choose only the products that are recommended by doctors. If unsure, ask your physician for advice on choosing products that are clinically tested safe and effective³⁸.

probiotics for womenIt delivers sufficient number of surviving bacteria to the gut

Before consumption and during transit along the digestive tract, a large number of probiotics do not survive heat during storage, stomach and intestinal acids and the effects of antibiotics. Therefore, it is important to choose the probiotic products that can deliver a sufficient number of bacteria to your intestines³⁹,⁴².