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Diarrhea is uncomfortable and inconvenient for anyone. It is more worrisome if you are mom, knowing that your child is going through discomfort and pain. Thankfully there are ways that you can do (and dont do) to keep you and the rest of the family healthy and diarrhea-free.



Change the diet temporarily

Avoid foods and beverages such as beans, green leafy vegetables, dairy, caffeine and carbonated drinks for the mean time because these can cause gas and bloating⁶⁰

Keep hydrated

The most important treatment for diarrhea is keeping your fluid intake up⁶¹.

Wash soiled laundry at the highest temperature possible for the fabric.

Washing the laundry in high temperatures can help prevent the spread of infection⁶².






Use tap water for toothbrushing while travelling

Doing so can increase your risk of having traveler’s diarrhea)²⁶.

Choose any probiotic products.

Always check the label. The probiotic product should contain the right friendly bacteria for diarrhea, should be effective, of high quality and most importantly, recommended by doctors³⁸.