Top dandruff shampoo ingredients to look for


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Dandruff primarily affects the scalp by causing itchiness, dryness, scaliness, and the dreaded flakes. While dandruff can be inconvenient and embarrassing, the good news is that it doesn’t cause any serious harm — and it’s easy to control.

To keep your dandruff in check, look for products with these key dandruff shampoo ingredients:

Selenium sulfide is an anti-infective and antifungal medication used to control dandruff as well as the skin conditions seborrhea and tinea versicolor. It’s effective at relieving most symptoms of dandruff when you use it at least twice per week.

Salicylic acid is a topical agent which has the dual benefit of treating acne and controlling dandruff. It fights dandruff by removing scaly skin and decreasing cell-to-cell clumping. In our Naturals product, salicylic acid does double duty by preventing the recurrence of dandruff and treating body acne.

Keratinization regulators such as pyrithione zinc can help normalize skin keratinization, which is the process of cell formation and exfoliation of skin cells, to reduce clumping. Pyrithione zinc also helps regulate sebum production to help manage scalp oiliness.

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